My Itinerant Itinerary, October-November 2015

United States, October 21st to November 20th

To read my travel stories, event reviews and reports, follow my travel blog. My oral history projects, research proposals, and findings will be posted on this history blog. Active participation and discussion is invited. To make a contribution to funding my travel costs, click this button:

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Nefarious History and Solidarity Purposes

  • Meeting and learning from historians/radicals/artists
  • Itinerant reporting on the Joe Hill 100 commemorations
  • Interviews with working artists and amazing activists
  • Immersions in local history and archives
  • Itinerary and Highlights

  • October 21st – 27th, Detroit Michigan
    Panel, “The Life, Legend and Legacy of Joe Hill”, North American Labor History Conference
  • October 27th – 29th, Chicago, Illinois
    Train journey from Chicago to Austin with a stopover in St Louis for a show on Pete Seeger
  • October 31st – November 4th, Austin Texas
    Music! Interviews! Food trucks!
  • November 5th – 11th, California and Nevada
    Joe Hill 100 Roadshow, California leg
  • November 12th – 17th, Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington
    Interviews, local history, learning
  • November 17th, Los Angeles, California
    A tribute concert for Joe Hill, organised by Fellow Worker Tom Morello
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